Brian Bonar: An Individual, People Trust With Their Investment

Brian Bonar holds many designations at Trucept, Inc. and few of them are CEO, President, Chairman, Secretary and CFO to name few. Dr. worked at American Management Services LLC as Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman by Solvis Group, Inc., VP-Worldwide Marketing, and Sales by Bezier Systems, Inc., and also few other companies. He also served in the position of a board member at Boys & Girls Clubs and Alliance National Insurance Agency, Inc.

Brian Bonar with more than three decades of professional experience in the financial sector on different positions has seen many ups and down and with the help of it and extensive experience he is working hard to make Trucept a one of its company in finance division in the whole country.

He completed his undergraduate degree from the Strathclyde University, an MBA from University of Staffordshire following a doctorate from the same institute. Brian Bonar is a very dedicated individual with a very consistent and clever approach.

He along with his team at Trucept, are working harder to make his experience and information that he earned by working with many national/multinational firms more accessible so that ordinary people can reach it and take benefit of it.

In 2010, he was working with Dalrada Financial Group as CEO, and he awarded with the Executive of the Year Award in Finance. That award has given to that individual who shows their dedication and their devotion to the finance industry, and by being awarded this honor, he proved to be the next star in the finance industry. Under Bonar’s leadership, Dalrada Financial (DF) has paved an inspiring legacy in the finance field.

Dalrada Financial Group provides employee programs for different companies across the nation with the objective of increasing business efficiency. The entity has enjoyed significant success by customizing services that include insurance, business process outsourcing, and finance that cater to the needs of a particular client.

Under the command of Bonar, Dalrada has made a huge list of new client and also assisted the old one in managing their finances so that they can protect their assets with a more effected approach. The growth Dalrada Financial Group (DFG) and its vow to offer top-of-the-line aftermarket products to the businesses is the primary thing which reflects the passion that Brian Bonar has shown in all through his career with DFG and now showing with Trucept.

Due to his dedication, his devotion and his skills, people believe on him even more than they believe in themselves. And to reach that milestone, Brian Bonar has turned every stone upside down to come with a destination that is more helpful and useful for his client. Because he believes that a happy customer is a milestone that can’t achieve until you work very hard for that.