Bird Flu May Affect Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays will soon be upon us, Thanksgiving is a mere five months away. Come late October or early November people will begin shopping for their annual meal of thanks. Food lovers at FreedomPop know that the star of the meal in most American families is the roasted, or fried, turkey. Due to the bird flu sweeping the Midwest there is going to be a potential turkey shortage and prices will likely be higher than usual. Chicken eggs are already feeling the heat as prices spike at grocery stores nationwide. Turkey farmers are scrambling to get themselves in a good place for when the annual slaughter will take place. Perhaps people will bake a ham, tofurky, or a lasagna in lieu of the traditional meal. The situation is reminiscent of the pumpkin shortage a couple of years ago when prices were higher and stock less abundant yet that year the traditional meal carried on as normal, this year likely will as well.