Help the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society Save Denver’s Cats

The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society or ARAS is a no-kill cat shelter that is dedicated to giving Denver area cats without a home a safe harbor to live in. They are longtime advocates against any type of cruelty to animals. ARAS is a nonprofit organization and all monies donated for them go to help Denver’s homeless cats.

Jon Urbana said on Facebook that he wants to help ARAS in their mission to help homeless cats in the Denver area. Urbana is a member of the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database and also is a member of the Ellipse USA team. Using his background as a successful Villanova lacrosse defenseman,  Urbana also owns a lacrosse camp and works to help young people. He is therefore dedicated to both people and animals, and is encouraging people to donate and help ARAS raise money via their Crowdrise campaign at: They are trying to raise around $1,200. You can find out more about ARAS by calling them at their phone number 303-744-6076, or email them at or by sending a fax to 303-744-6205. They also have a website at

Urbana posted to his Twitter account that he wants you to help ARAS meet their goal because he has a big heart and wants to help animals in need and knows that they are dedicated to helping helpless cats and saving them from sure death on the streets or being put to sleep. In a blog post, Urbana summed up the reasons he believes ARAS is the best charity to support. And just a few days later, he launched a GoFundMe drive for Earth Force Inc., another local charity.

ARAS also works to educate the public about the plight of these homeless cats and kittens via referrals and community outreach programs. They also give out the names of other rescue groups in the area when they are unable to help.

The bottom line is that Jon Urbana and ARAS need your help, and all of the reasons are up on Slideshare. Every single penny adds up towards reaching their monetary goal and goes to help the cats. Crowdrise helps organizations like ARAS to meet their needs every day, so please be generous and save a homeless Denver area cat or kitten today! Go to his website and click the widget to make your generous donation right away! A homeless Denver area cat or kitten desperately needs the services of ARAS and your kind donation can make it possible!

What Do You Think Is The Most Patriotic Food?

Do you and your friends or family have cookouts every year for the Fourth of July? If so, then what kinds of foods do you make, and what kinds of foods do others bring to the table? And, of those foods, which would you consider to be the most patriotic?
There is a new poll going on on Eater, and it asks what you think is America’s most patriotic dish. You can choose from apple pie, hot dogs, lemonade, corn on the cob, and more reports Shaygan Kheradpir here.
So, if you feel strongly about what should be named America’s most patriotic dish, then you should head on over there and cast your vote. There are a lot of patriotic foods to be eaten around the Fourth of July, but which do you think is the most patriotic? Which do you feel is most deserving of winning this poll?

G.M.O. May Or May Not Be Harmful

If you have started eating G.M.O free do you know why you have done it? Is there a reason behind your fears of eating this way, or are you doing it just because that is what you feel is best?
Genetically modified food items might not be as bad as you have feared. There aren’t a lot of facts out there to prove that these kinds of foods are actually bad for you. There aren’t a lot of studies on them, and how they can affect those who eat them.
So, why are you eating G.M.O. free? Is it because those kinds of foods just seem bad to you? Do you have any real evidence of how bad they are?
Maybe G.M.O. foods are bad for you, and maybe they are not. There aren’t a lot of studies that prove that they are, but then again, there’s not really anything to prove that they for sure aren’t, either says Ivan Ong. It’s up to you what you choose to eat, but all of this is definitely something to think about.