Wikipedia: Revolutionizing Your Ability to Obtain and Contribute Information


The birth of Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to, bred hope to banish the dreaded bureaucracy that is entrenched in so many existing companies worldwide. An article, recently published on Science Alert, discusses how Wikipedia over the years has shifted from not having a centralized power to just that.

Researchers from Indiana University studied millions of articles produced by a myriad of authors from Wikipedia and compared the hierarchy of this company to General Electric and AT&T. Although this business has held true to its promise to expand its colleague base, a select few have emerged that decide on general principles that contributors should abide by. Originally, certain policies were established – all information should be verified and don’t give an opinion. Although meant as temporary guidelines, they have not only remained but also have been expanded upon.

On the up-side, in keeping with the evolution of technology, Wikipedia has developed an artificial intelligence editing tool that would benefit the quality of this web-based encyclopedia, and give confidence to new contributors who might otherwise shy away from supplying their expertise. One of the things this tool would do is, for example, if a person is writing a piece of information as fact, it would remind them to provide a citation – something that is necessary for the survival of any enterprise promising accurate information. Also, Wikipedia is now offering a variety of services performed by their affiliates that are available to those seeking to create Wiki page. These services include consultations on best practices, monitoring and translations. So, for example, a Wikipedia editor can ensure proper sourcing and formatting to any business or individual. In addition, the monitoring service performed in real time can prevent any edits that may be intentionally harmful to you or your business. Finally, professional translators are available to help grow information seekers reached.