Clay Siegall’s Responsibility as the CEO of Seattle Genetics

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About Clay Siegall

Clay is the founder, current CEO and chairman of the board of directors at the Seattle Genetics. His primary responsibility in the company is the management of the day to day functions and coming up with MOUs with drug companies that will help in the treatment of cancer. Under his leadership, companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, and Pfizer have signed agreements with Seattle Genetics. These drug companies use the technology from Seattle Genetics to develop drugs or do research aimed at the treatment of cancer. Additionally, he has helped to raise approximately 700 million dollars that have been directed towards the treatment of cancer, through public and private fundraising.

Clay got his undergraduate from the University of Maryland in zoology and a Ph. D. in genetics from the George Washington University. He worked with Bristol- Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Company for six years, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute for Health before co-founding Seattle Genetics. Currently, Siegall also holds some executive positions such as; a member of the Board of Directors of Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Clay is also an author of more than 70 publications under his belt and has 15 exclusive rights.

According to, Dr. Clay is a legend in the field of targeted biogenetics. He started his company as a small startup with little money and very few researchers and has grown it to the giant it is today. Like Charles Darwin, Clay Siegall does not believe that people differ in intellect, but in their work habits. Siegall believes that successful people have different work habits from unsuccessful people. He opted to start his company because cancer treatment options in the 90’s always involved amputation and he wanted to find another way of treating the disease.


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