Living A Healthy Life Through Dieting

Wengie has a few diet tips to help girls change their eating habits. At one time, Wengie was a bit larger than she is right now. She understands that it’s hard to lose weight. She wants girls to understand that it takes time to lose weight. Some girls might see results in 60 days while others might have to wait 90 days. There are fad diets, but she doesn’t feel that they are the right way to go with losing weight.


Losing weight needs to be a habit. It needs to be a way of life to change the lifestyle. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. It’s often a buildup of habits that develop over time. Once you realize what those habits are, then you can begin to change them so that you can get back on track with leading a healthy life. Exhibit self-control. If you can’t control the overeating or other bad habits in life, then it will be hard to have the healthy life you want. Wengie used to eat supper at midnight, enjoy chips and dip and eat ice cream. She would eat these kinds of foods on a daily basis.


The people Wengie was around helped to maintain her unhealthy habits. She also used to eat out a lot instead of cooking a healthy meal at home. Choose the right foods instead of those that have a lot of calories. Not eating is unhealthy for the body. Wengie now eats a lot of protein along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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